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We have a qualified team who are proud of their work!

We have working experience with closing vacancies with different levels of seniority and different programming languages and technologies (C++, C#, Embedded, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Go, Python, Ruby, Perl, iOS, Swift, Android, Dart, Xamarin, etc).
Our mission is to help you develop your business faster with qualified employees!
We provide all cycle of recruitment and HR processes

We have a large pool of candidates with different levels of seniority and different technologies.
How can we help?
We have working experience with different types of IT business organizations: outsourcing, outstaffing, R&D office, product development.
Our rigorous recruitment and HR processes include getting to know you, your corporate culture and business needs in order to match you with the perfect employee.
We strive to provide
a relevant/qualified applicant within 14 calendar days.
Interviewing and Onboarding
HR support
and consulting
Our large pool of candidates is prescreened to ensure that they will be a good fit.

A well-conducted interview is an important part of finding the right employees. We will help you conduct your interview in a constructive and structured manner.
We helped with the onboarding process so that the
new employee can start adding value to the business as soon as possible.

A motivated employee is an important part of the company's growth.
We provide HR support for your team, taking into account the goals of your business.
We develop and implement all HR processes according
to your business needs
(hiring, adaptation, career development, performance review, attrition).

We conduct recruitment and HR trainings for your specialists.

If you do not find the service you need, we are always ready to meet and discuss other ways we can help you.
Iryna Kovalova
Founder/HR Lead and Recruitment Expert
Eugenia Shevtsova
Senior Recruiter/Consultant
Julia Tsibylnik
Avi Stokholm-Cohen
Co-founder at Sosivio
I My name is Avi Stokholm-Cohen and I am a co-founder and CPO of Sosivio. We are a fast growing startup in the Cloud Observability space. We are based out of Silicon Valley but hire globally. We have retained Irina's recruiting services through her agency (Moon Agency). I was thrilled by the way Irina assisted us with our hiring and onboarding process of some top developers and software engineers. It started with a very thorough examination of our project needs, the profile of the candidates we were looking for and right after we received a very personal, efficient and professional consultancy together with a fast, direct and very communicative and friendly assistance during the interview which helped us assessing the potential of each candidate. I highly recommend working with #MoonAgency#, it was a pure pleasure and we hope to continue working with Irina and her wonderful team. Thank you!

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