What does our agency do?

➤️ Recruitment
We work with various companies, but, mostly, with product companies that have small but friendly Ukrainian teams. And there are also outsourcing/outstaffing companies. We have vacancies for various professionals (C ++, C #, Embedded, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Go, Python, Ruby, Perl, iOS, Swift, Android, Dart, Xamarin, QA, and AQA).

The vacancies we work with:
1. Interesting projects or products. We truly love the vacancies we work with.
2. Reliability. Timely salary payments, benefits, guaranteed salary revisions.
3. Comfortable working atmosphere. As you know, we can realize our potential only in a comfortable environment.
4. The honesty of the company. What we promise at the company entry is true.

➤️ We help to build staffing processes in companies with 20 to 100 employees. If you're wondering what these processes involve, they cover recruiting and HR direction:
1. Recruitment. We build the process from taking a vacancy and hunting to conducting interviews correctly and managing the candidate's adaptation in the new team.
2. HR. We implement the full cycle of HR processes — from the adaptation and creation of the specialist's development plan in the company to the termination of cooperation.

️➤️ We provide consultations regarding matters related to staffing and work with the staff for small and medium-sized IT companies.

We will happily share our knowledge with you and find you the best job!